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Australia's Manuka Honey Range

Looking to buy Manuka Honey online?

If you are looking to buy Manuka Honey online that you know has been ethically produced (#welovebees) you have come to the right place. Australia’s Manuka has been supplying authentic Manuka Honey (Active Jellybush Honey) for nearly two decades. We stock a range of Manuka Honeys’ for a variety of uses, from honey to enjoy with your granola to high grade medical honey for your first aid kit.

Our ‘everyday’ Manuka Green MGO honey starts at a potency of 30+ MGO. Our TGA approved high strength 850+ MGO honey products (in convenient tube packs) are a great medical honey for topical wound care and oral health. We even have super high potency 1200+ and 1500+ MGO honeys in 250g jars for the Manuka connoisseur. In short we have plenty of choice for you to buy Manuka Honey online at the strength and potency you require. Explore our range below and learn more about the benefits of Manuka Honey here.